Suicide Squad shoots DCEU in the head

Ok, I know people want to know what I think of Suicide Squad cos they keep asking me. I stand firm in my position that epic and repeated shreddings are a waste of an education and that lengthy arguments of justification equally unworthy of time.

So I’ll keep it short. First, the good. Leto, Robbie, in fact most of the performances including Will Smith who holds it all together in a humongously thankless part.

That’s that. Now the bad. This is a movie of extraordinary narrative ineptitude. Character exposition gets bunged in 10 minutes before the end, the first half hour is painfully close to the infamous “video clips” sequence in BvS. No motivation is clear, and anyone who couldn’t follow the villain’s motives in Ghostbusters will end up in hospital trying to figure out wtf gwaaan with the Enchantress.

Now, I’d like to blame David Ayer for all this, but I can’t. As shit as his script is, as wretched as the “jokes” an 8 year old would find childish, and as mangled as his vision may be (whichever cut of this we’re seeing) he should never have been allowed near the script, let alone to direct his own. This makes BvS look like Spartacus, and there is about 100 people responsible for the unsalvageable debacle this is fast becoming.

I thought WB had learned their lesson about going into production without a script 20 years ago. Evidently not. All that remains to be seen is how much worse it can get.

But I’m invested in DC, I’ll see this again and I’ll learn to live with it. A heavy hearted 2/5


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