6th May 2019

Radiant Circus – Getting films reclassified by local authorities

To tie in with my late night double feature of Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon and Never Too Young to Die I wrote a how-to guide about the technicalities of screening films in cinemas in alternate versions.

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19 April 2019

Little White Lies – Reconnecting with Hollywood’s past at the 10th TCM Classic Film Festival

I spent five days in the heart of Hollywood getting to meet the vintage film community around the original classic movie channel.

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2 October 2018

Little White Lies – The Enduring Legacy of Gilda Radner

While I was in Los Angeles the opportunity arose to meet the director and producer of acclaimed documentary Love, Gilda.

Here’s a piece I wrote about comedy icon Gilda Radner, her legacy and attending the Los Angeles premiere at the Academy’s Linwood Dunn theatre.

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23rd April

Radiant Circus – Special Features Part 2: The Celluloid Sorceress talks about her film life

Second part of my interview with Richard Clark where I discuss my influences and life growing up with a respected cinema “exploitationer” for a father.

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21 March 2018

Radiant Circus – Special Features Part 1: The Celluloid Sorceress talks Joel Schumacher & ST ELMO’S FIRE

In March 2018 I was interviewed by Richard Clark about my Joel Schumacher retrospective and all things St. Elmo’s Fire.

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