Celluloid sorcery showing in August!!

Ludicrously excited to confirm the details of my explosive 35mm screening of Tony Scott’s The Last Boy Scout.

A troubled production that became a cult favourite this demands to be seen on the big screen with all its famous dark energies, violent action and whiplash one-liners.

Showing for one day only!

SATURDAY 27th August 2016 4pm – Duke of York’s Picturehouse, Brighton

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Clearly one of my favourite action movies, this has Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans (who reportedly did not get along on set) as PI Joe Hallenbeck and disgraced football pro Jimmy Dix.  Thrown together after the murder of Joe’s business partner and Jimmy’s girlfriend (an early performance from Halle Berry) the find themselves in a dark, cynical and violent world of illegal gambling and sports corruption.

Even though it was a nightmare production and his direction was compromised by Silver and Willis’ demands, The Last Boy Scout very much pulled Tony Scott back from the financial disasters of Revenge and Days of Thunder and, alongside brother Ridley, his images define a certain time and aesthetic that has become the recognised visual style of television and film today.

Over the coming weeks I’ll undoubtedly post many thoughts and facts about The Last Boy Scout, which is a movie I’ve been aching to see on a big screen from real 35mm film, and I hope to persuade you all to drop everything and come to Brighton for an action spectacular not really quite like any other.